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Strengthening Church Ministries


Dr. Mickey Muse has been in the ministry for many years and is now traveling by faith to help churches of all sizes. Check out his website for more information. I got to hear Bro Muse at our church for 4 nights in a row. I thoroughly enjoyed his preaching – it was thorough, doctrinally sound and right on the point of what our church needed to hear. I have been in nearly 400 different churches and I know that Bro Muse’s ministry is greatly needed in our day. Please take a moment to check out his website.






My friend David Corn has an incredible ministry reaching the lost in the public schools. In 2013 he saw 555 first time visitors come to a single service in a church he was working through! Please consider using this man to help reach young people in the public schools in your area. Be sure to check out his website.

See his promotional video here:

“This is designed to get principals to have us into their schools. Then we will perform & talk about morality issues. Then we pass out free tickets to the magic shows we hold at the church. At the church, we present about an hours worth of illusions and then give the gospel. God has really opened a lot of doors for this ministry and given us much fruit, and we hope this video will be a tool God can use to open even more!”

Preaching the Gospel,

Evangelist David & Joy Corn
Rom. 15:20; 2 Cor. 12:9
(713) 857-7206


I’ve worked with the folks at Calvary Publishing and they are doing a great job in a number of ways. They have been a blessing to me.


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