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postheadericon Needs for the Field

I am very cautious to post our needs or to request for extra funds. We believe that God will provide for all of needs in His timing. However, if the Lord has laid on your heart to give towards a current need of ours I want to provide you with the information to do so.

















Currently we have a need for a vehicle. Because of the area where we live we are looking for a diesel, 4 wheel drive vehicle. I found something like what we need on here:

We could buy this one for $5,569 as the website says. We will then have to pay a 60% import duty and 10% GST according to this website: (

We are trying to raise $9,467 toward buying a vehicle for us to use when we return to PNG. Praise the Lord we already have $5,000 set aside for this project!







We are also trying to raise the funds for portable sawmill. I used a sawmill while I was in PNG in 2014 to build a new church building. I believe that this will pay for itself many times over because I will be using it for many years. I could effectively mill my own timber for our house as well as any churches we will build in the future.

I will need $8,000 for the sawmill I am looking at.

The sawmill we are considering right now can be seen here (


In order to make all of this possible we are looking to purchase a used 20 ft or perhaps a 40ft shipping container. We will be able to share the space with other missionaries as well as have much more time to pack and unpack it than if we rented one. If you know of someone who has any information on where we can find a good used shipping container, please contact me ASAP!

If you would like to make a donation toward any of these projects you can do so writing a check.

Please make out and mail check to:

Central Missionary Clearinghouse
PO Box 219228Houston TX 77218-9228
Please put a note with the check that it is for Josh Florence (car/sawmill/container) Project


We will need many tools once we arrive on the field. We will be attempting all of the buildings ourselves. Some things I understand that it will be easier to get once I am already over there. However, there are many things that folks may have around the house and could give to us. If God lays on your heart to give something towards these needs just contact us through my cell (850-266-340 five) or though this website.

These would include: 

Basic carpentry handtools:

- hammers, screwdriver sets, measuring tapes, levels, etc.

Basic auto and machine handtools:

-rachet sets, wrenches, etc.

Basic landscaping tools:

- shovels, picks, post-hole diggers, etc…

Some of our higher priced items will be:

- various electric tools (saws, drills, planer, etc)

Thanks for taking the time to look over this page.

-Josh Florence

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