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postheadericon March Update

“…Blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Matt 15:14


Ministry Opportunities:

March has been a wonderful month of deputation. God enabled us to be in churches 21 days this month! We were in Colorado, Montana, Tennessee, Georgia, Michigan, Georgia again, Mississippi, and New Mexico. All I can say is that “God’s been good” to us. We had two churches vote to take us on right away and others promised to consider doing so down the road. We were especially blessed to be a part of two young people receiving Christ this month. One prayed with her pastor the day after we preached in a chapel service, and the other was a 17 year-old young man I led to Christ while out visiting in NM.

Some Highlights:

While we were in Michigan the Lord allowed us to be in a conference at Parker Memorial Baptist in Lansing. Calvary Publishing is out of Parker, and my family was able to help put together some John & Romans while we were there.

I was especially blessed to be in four churches this month where we knew members who were friends of ours from college. Some are youth pastors or assistant pastors and the others are serving faithfully as layman in the church. We were able to renew our friendship and learn about what God is doing in their lives. We pray that we were as much of a blessing to them as they were to us!

While we were in Espanola, NM at Valley Bible Baptist Church, I had my first experience passing out tracts and witnessing to people who were on a pilgrimage! This area is predominately Catholic, and roughly 10,000 people will make the Chimayo pilgrimage every Good Friday. They walk for miles in order to be blessed by a certain priest, pray in an old church with a statue of Jesus in it, and reach into a hole in the floor where there is ‘holy dirt.’ They will rub this on themselves and also save some of it. Supposedly, this dirt replenishes itself – but I’ve been told that the grounds-keeper uses a coffee tin to replace the dirt from a pile out back.


(see NPR article by clicking HERE)

VBBC uses this pilgrimage as an opportunity to pass out waters, give tracts, and witness. The surprising part about this was how many varieties of people were there. I witnessed to many different people over the four hours I was passing out tracts and bottles of water. While most were professing Catholics, some claimed to be ‘Christians,’ some were from the Sihk community in town, one claimed to be a Buddhist, and many were from the native Indian pueblos in the area.

After speaking with many people on that day, I was more convinced than ever that religion is simply the ‘blind leading the blind.’ How wonderful that I have a Relationship and not a religion! Another thing that stood out to me is how many people are searching for something and they don’t know what it is. They are looking to fill the void in their lives that only a relationship with Christ can fill. The next time you think to yourself that people in your area are satisfied with their lives – think of the 10,000+ people who made the Chimayo Pilgrimage along with the millions of others around the world seeking for fulfillment in religion and finding only emptiness. How sad to think that they will wake up in Hell after making so many sacrifices for their religion or ‘god’ on this earth.


We continue to thank God for the work that is being done in the Gulf of PNG. We recently had a request from our team members to share with you some very specific needs. The medical clinic there saw 9,300 patients in one year. Please click this link to see some specific needs you may be able to help with. (
Thanks for your support and prayers!

your missionaries,

Josh, Rebecca and Abigail Florence

postheadericon Increasing our Faith – Jan/Feb ’13 Update

When your faith is increased, that we be enlarged by you…to preach the gospel in the regions beyond…2 Cor 10:15-16

Big Plans:

 We are extremely excited about all that God is doing in our lives. We have our work visa application underway and expect it to be back within the next 5-8 months. We are also happy to announce that we are expecting our second child on September 4th! We believe that God’s timing is perfect. As we are at 72% of our needed support level, we are praying that the visa, our child and the support all come in at the right times!

 Current Lessons:

 We have recently been reminded of the verse in 2 Cor 10:15 where it says “When your faith is increased…” In this passage there is a wonderful promise that comes as a result of Christians’ faith being increased and then acting upon

that faith. Paul said that he would be able to preach the gospel in more areas.

 There comes to my mind many things which could increase our faith. Sometimes we are put into a situation where God is our only hope – looking back on the situation our faith is often increased when we see how God worked it all out. Many times we read, see or hear of how others have proved God and this will in turn increase our own faith to prove God. There is also one way of increasing our faith that is sometimes overlooked–we can increase our faith by knowingly attempting something that requires more faith than we think that we have. When we do this we have God’s promises to depend on and we will see Him do a greater work through us.

100_0736 (4)

(so – are you ready to take a step? There are plenty of spiders to go around:-)


 God has allowed us to partner with more churches after the first of the year, bringing our support to 72%!

We praise God for what He is also doing in our team.  A new family recently started full-time deputation! Tyler Nikkel is a pilot as well as a church-planter and will be a wonderful addition to the team.  This brings us up to 11 families with more on the way!

 We are so very thankful that we can stay in touch with our TTMK family on the field. Every soul saved through them is an encouragement to us while we are traveling the many miles on deputation. One encouraging story we recently heard was from the Ottosen family. After arriving in PNG in March of ’12, they have been led of the Lord to commence their work in the village of Komako. The village leaders were so thrilled that someone had come to learn their language and teach them the Word of God that they chose to give them the land on which to build their house and other ministry buildings! It is so wonderful to hear of God opening the very type of doors for our team members that we are praying He will open for us very soon!

(read more at:


 Please pray that God will be working in the hearts of those we are to reach in PNG!


postheadericon September/ October Update


For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich. 2 Cor. 8:9 Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift. 2 Cor. 9:15


As Rebecca and I look back on our last two months of travel we must say that God has been extremely good! He has allowed us the privilege of partnering with 6 new churches and 1 precious family to reach those who haven’t heard in PNG.

There have been many highlights that we could mention over this period. We have had meetings in Georgia, Kentucky, Iowa, Tennessee, and Ohio. We praise God for the love that was shown to us by each of the folks in these churches. Bellmead Calvary in Texas was kind enough to buy me a new suite and my wife and daughter new outfits as well. Each church showed their love in specific ways whether it was through taking the time to look at our board and show interest in our work, or giving us gift baskets, music for the road, and words of encouragement.

Another special blessing was some photography that was done for us while in Kentucky. While claiming to be an ‘amateur photographer,’ Mrs. West did a wonderful on-location shoot for us that we will appreciate for as long as we have these beautiful photos.




Our greatest praise would be the connection that people have made with our heart for the unreached in PNG. These tribal people groups in PNG don’t have a Bible in their first language. The men and women are bound by their cultural and fleshly practices, not to mention the satanic oppression. Not able to knowingly glorify God – they live pointless, worthless lives only to die and spend eternity in a lake of fire. We have seen many individuals and churches become burdened to help do something in order to reach these souls for Christ.


We praise God and give Him glory for what we have seen Him accomplish these past two months. Please continue to pray for us as we prepare to go to PNG by this coming May. We cannot do this without your intercessory prayers. Perhaps you would even consider coming with us to the ripe jungles of Papua New Guinea!

postheadericon July ’12 Update


“Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.” Eph 3:20-21


July has been a very unique month in our travels. While we were headed to Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro, TN we hydroplaned off of the highway. God miraculously protected all of us! While our car was totaled – we are totally sure that God is in control and all things work together for our good and His glory. We are currently looking for a vehicle and plan to use what our insurance has provided to pay for it.

We are very thankful for the meetings that we have had in North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Florida this month. We have been blessed by generous people and their willingness to partner with us to reach the lost in Papua New Guinea. We are more burdened than ever that there are people dying today in PNG who have never once heard of the precious gospel!

One special week was at Madison Baptist in Madison, Alabama. They have their VBS and Missions conference the same week! While it was very tiring, it was wonderful to see God work so mightily. We were in charge of teaching the 3rd grade boys – 3 of which made a profession of salvation! However, there were over 600 involved in the VBS and over 90 professions.


We were thankful to be able to see some family during the 4th of July. Abigail loves her Nannie and Grandaddy!

May God continue to bless you as you serve Him!

PRAYER REQUESTS:- Safety! More than ever we realize the need for God’s people to be praying for our safety.


-We were able to participate in a VBS where 92 souls were saved!

-We were spiritually encouraged through the Sword Conference in Walkertown, NC


- 45% of our monthly support has been raised!

postheadericon True Friends

One of my prayers for deputation is that I would make some true friends. You know what I mean – people who will be there for you when you need someone to talk to. People who will really pray for you and not just say that they are. People who are more interested in you than they are in who you know.

While I am praying that I might find someone with these characteristics – I realize that I ought to display them as well. (Prov. 18:24 A man [that hath] friends must shew himself friendly:)

postheadericon Let this mind be in you!

“Let” is not a suggestion – it is a command. We are commanded to have the mind of Christ. This way of thinking was exemplified later in this passage in Christ’s ultimate humbling of himself. The only One worthy of praise and honor was willing to humble himself to the point of death.

I am reminded of this passage because of something that occurred last Sunday evening. After preaching at Bible Baptist Church in El Reno, OK I was invited to have dinner with some of the church family. During the course of conversation we discovered that there were a total of 5 Christian colleges represented at the table. Pensacola Christian College, West Coast Baptist College, Oaklahoma Baptist College, Heartland Baptist Bible College, and Bob Jones University all had a part in the training of leaders in this church.

Imagine if every one of these people had a prideful spirit instead of the mind of Christ – there would be no co-operation. How are we going to reach this world for Christ if we are filled with pride? We can’t. We need to stop making excuses about how many billions of people are unreached, get over our petty ( the non-doctrinal) differences and get busy about what is really important in life – SOULS.

postheadericon All things work together…

This past Wednesday night Rebecca and I felt that we should visit Temple Baptist Church in Flower Mound, Texas. I had the privilege of hearing Pastor Wallace speak many times while I was a student at PCC. On top of that, I noticed that Dr. Shelton Smith was going to be speaking there that evening in honor of Dr. Clyde Box’s 80th birthday.

We were able to attend, hear a great message, and meet many good folks-some we knew from our time at PCC. One thing that really encouraged me was Pastor Wallace’s invitation to go dinner with him, Dr. Smith and Dr. Box!

My prayer is that I will be faithful to our Lord and still be serving when I am 80 years old. My grandfather, Moses Florence, is one of my heroes. He deserves to be classified with these men of God. After starting Youth Baptist Church he has remained a faithful minister there for 45 years!

I am so privileged to have these men of God to look up to.

postheadericon God’s been so Good!

We had a wonderful time during December visiting our family. We thank God for allowing us to take Abigail all the way up to Pennsylvania to see Rebecca’s parents as well as taking her to Georgia to see my parents. We thoroughly enjoyed all of our time seeing friends and family. We thank the Lord for each one of you who has invested so much into our lives!



postheadericon March/April 2011

Dear Family and Friends:


Rebecca and I are doing very well. We enjoyed the six inches of snow that fell here in Pennsylvania this past week. I was able to help get wood behind the house for the wood burning furnace that her parents use for back-up heat. Good field preparation for this Georgia boy I think.

We have been in Pennsylvania for two weeks now and have had wonderful meetings while here. Sylvania Hills, which is the church Rebecca grew up attending, was especially loving and giving towards us. We cannot express enough our thankfulness to all those who have shown us love and thoughtfulness for our needs. And we cannot be more humbled by the increase in our support that helps us get closer to returning to PNG.

I am reminded of how incomprehensible it is that Christ would leave His home in glory, come to this sin-cursed earth and die on that cruel cross for you and me. It is wonderful to see fellow Christians showing the love of Christ to others.

We were able to be in a conference in which Brother Freret was the main speaker. He is the director of BEAMS, a Bible printing ministry that helps missionaries all over the world. We were encouraged by his testimony and preaching.

You can pray for us as we are continuing to schedule meetings. Rebecca is due on May 25th so we need extra prayer that baby Abigail will arrive on schedule. We are planning to stay very close to Pensacola during the weeks surrounding that time, but we know that only God has full control of these things.

Thanks for all of your prayer and support!

Your missionaries to Papua New Guinea,

Josh & Rebecca Florence


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