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A wonderfully diverse culture adds to the difficulty in reaching them for Christ. Not to mention that there are over 800 dialects in this part of the world.

The trade language, Tok Pisin, is spoken in all the developed parts of PNG. English and Tok Pisin are the primary languages of the educated. However, as we are finding, there are many people in the remoter areas of PNG who are not fluent in Tok pisin and don’t understand English at all.

Some interesting things to note about the cultural taboos here:

- If a man or woman steps over a another person’s outstretched leg or anything else that belongs to them, it is seen as a great insult.

- The people are extremely superstitious. They would usually rather go to the witch doctor than to the medical clinic that our team operates. Since it is much cheaper to get the medicine than to pay for a witch doctor they usually come to us first. They will then go to the witch doctor if the medicine does not take immediate effect.



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