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postheadericon We are thankful for our new prayer cards!

Just click on the link to view or download the prayer card:

Front of our 2015 Prayer Card

Back side of prayer card



postheadericon Busy Week!

The Gillispie Family joined our team here at the base in the Gulf Province last week. Since the day they arrived I have been trying to keep up with his pace of getting his apartment ready for them to move into. Their family has been living out of a suitcase for the last three years on deputation and they are ready to unpack for a change! There were only a few things that needed to be done…but nothing gets done without a lot of sweat here in the remote areas.

The purpose of the housing here at the mission station is to give new missionaries on our team a place to live while they are adjusting to the culture and language differences. It also gives them a place to get ministry experience in the PNG context while they are getting ready to make the next move. Some missionaries, like the Gillispies, already know where the next move will be.

To finish their apartment we needed to connect the hot and cold water to the existing plumbing, move over the wiring, solar panels, and batteries to run his refrigerator, connect the lights to that system, polyurethane one room, and move down a gas stove. Sounds like it shouldn’t be too difficult right? Since this is the first time that either of us had ever handled a solar electrical system there was some trial and error. I managed to let one of the sockets I was using to tighten the wires on the battery terminal touch the opposite terminal…NOT GOOD! The resulting sparks sent my national helper flying out from under the house! I hadn’t seen anyone move that fast in a long time. Getting the solar panels attached to the roof, connecting the wiring, and attaching everything together was quite a feat as well.

After a week and a half we are almost done. They just have the one room left to polyurethane and move the stove down from the upstairs apartment. I am very thankful to be able to serve God by helping our team member get settled into this apartment. I know that he has been waiting for three years to get here so that he can get started learning the language and culture. The Kapairope people whom they are called to reach are dying and going into eternity with very little light to guide their way.

I will admit that I am glad that this is almost over. Rebecca and I are having a hard time learning the Tok Pidgin language because of all the other things that need to be done on a daily basis. I was also involved on Friday on a hike up to the radio station – which totally wore me out!

Please continue to pray for us to be completely surrendered to God every day. We desire to be His instruments to bring the gospel to an unreached tribe here in the Gulf Province. However, we know that what we have been involved in the last week and a half was God’s perfect will for us.




postheadericon First Day in the Clinic -April 29th, 2014

We have been adjusting to life in PNG quite well. Recently two members of our team left to return to the States. Rachel Schellenberger has worked diligently in the medical clinic here for the last 4 years. With her leaving the clinic there is definitely a need for more help. Rebecca has been observing off and on for the last few weeks but this week marked the beginning of her regular clinic duties. She will be assisting in the clinic on Tuesday mornings from 9am to noon for now. This means that I got to watch the children for that time :-) As Ruth and Abigail become more independent she may be able to help more.

This is excellent experience for Rebecca as well as a help to the other workers and the people themselves. When the Lord shows us where He wants us to start a new church, Rebecca will likely be called on to administer basic medicines as well as suturing, etc. This will be an incredible way to show the love of Christ to people. Of course we will be sharing the most important ‘medicine’ – the gospel of Jesus Christ!

postheadericon Let this mind be in you!

“Let” is not a suggestion – it is a command. We are commanded to have the mind of Christ. This way of thinking was exemplified later in this passage in Christ’s ultimate humbling of himself. The only One worthy of praise and honor was willing to humble himself to the point of death.

I am reminded of this passage because of something that occurred last Sunday evening. After preaching at Bible Baptist Church in El Reno, OK I was invited to have dinner with some of the church family. During the course of conversation we discovered that there were a total of 5 Christian colleges represented at the table. Pensacola Christian College, West Coast Baptist College, Oaklahoma Baptist College, Heartland Baptist Bible College, and Bob Jones University all had a part in the training of leaders in this church.

Imagine if every one of these people had a prideful spirit instead of the mind of Christ – there would be no co-operation. How are we going to reach this world for Christ if we are filled with pride? We can’t. We need to stop making excuses about how many billions of people are unreached, get over our petty ( theĀ non-doctrinal) differences and get busy about what is really important in life – SOULS.

postheadericon Teamwork is God’s Idea


I believe that it is Biblical to work together with other likeminded Christians to reach the world for Jesus Christ. One way that we have put our convictions into action is by joining up with experienced missionaries on the field that God has called us to. We believe that our work will be helped and more people will be reached.

Please take a moment to look at a wonderful brochure that Bro Matt put together of the work going on in PNG!

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